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Increased Payment Rates from the RPA... AND they are to be backdated!!!

Good news had been released about INCREASED PAYMENT rates under COUNTRYSIDE STEWARDSHIP and Sustainable Farming incentive!

*SFI* "For a 50-hectare farm this represents a potential increase of as much as 50%.

Payments will be backdated to the start of an SFI agreement. An expanded range of SFI standards, which cover the actions farmers can undertake to enhance nature, will be published soon."

*Countryside Stewardship* Both new and existing CS revenue agreement holders will benefit from payment increases of 10% on average, backdated to 1 January 2023. This funds ongoing activity such as hedgerow management."

For example AB9: Winter Bird Food who alot of clients have adopted will increase from £640/ha to £732/ha!!

Click the image below to be redirected to the GOV.UK webpage

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