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Have you still not looked how you can replace that falling BPS income?

A combination of SFI and or countryside Stewardship could be the answer!

From July 2024 an updated SFI offer will be available WITH OVER 102 actions added to support you!

The updated payments will include:


✅boundary features

✅buffer strips

✅farmland wildlife on arable and horticultural land

✅farmland wildlife and habitats on grassland

✅heritage features

✅integrated pest management


✅nutrient management

✅organic farming

✅precision farming

✅species recovery and management

✅soil health


For example, for an agreement that includes farmland wildlife and habitats on grassland there are 11 options available. Included within this action there is winter bird food on improved grassland (pays £515 per hectare), manage grassland with very low nutrient inputs (£151 per hectare) and managing scrub and open mosaics (£350 per hectare).

On top of this you will receive £40 for the first 50 hectares that you enter into an agreement in the first year and £20 for the first 50 hectares for each subsequent year. There will also be a payment of £97 per SFI agreement that you have in place.

For the best advice, we need to look at your holding and discuss the options which suit your farm and your farming practices! If you want more information please contact the office on 01772 419277 asking for Hannah

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