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Covid-19 and Public Rights of Way

Having had concerns from multiple clients regarding the high number of people using footpaths through their yards due to Covid-19, we thought it would be useful to answer some of the questions by sharing the link below by Michelmores solicitors.

Unfortunately you cannot block the rights of way, however there are steps you can take to avoid as much contact as possible with the public such as;

  • Tie gates open, to reduce the need for walkers to touch them.

  • Display notices requesting that users follow social distancing guidelines.

  • Consider offering, temporarily, an alternative route which avoids gardens, farmyards etc. if safe to do so, and the original route is maintained. The Environment Agency has suggested text which can be used for signs

We would also like to kindly remind those who use public footpaths to be mindful of where they are walking as in some circumstances they are walking through or very near to peoples homes.

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